Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda from Peppermint Photography who had followed my work and contacted me as she felt we were similar in so many ways. We are. We have become friends and it is the start of a beautiful journey. We both love bridal… and beautiful images…. but we both have a darkness that we wish to delve into in a beautiful way. So… we bring you Reverie…
My first time working with Amanda (and not the last so stay tuned…) and her vision that all of the vendors involved brought to life. Its beautiful and bridal and full of love and passion….but not traditional in a wedding sense… no white dress… no white cake… no structure…

We hope you enjoy…

Click the link below to see our beautiful images in White Magazine’s Full Blog post…


“She wore her hopes like a crown, an outspoken soliloquy of dreams.”—Ariana


Crown/Hair/Makeup | Elizabeth Crossley
Images | Peppermint Photography
Flowers | Woods & Bloom
Venue | Vieille Branche – Things of Old
Gown | When Freddie met Lilly
Jewelry | Zefyr Jewels
Stationary | Elly Hartley Designs
Temporary tattoos | Pepper Ink
Styling | Unleash Creative
Cake | Cake That!
Models/Lovers | kristie and Karihi

2016 come at me

so 2015 has come and gone… super fast… it was filled with film adventures including a spfx award….. sooo many weddings and event clients that took me all over SEQ….. super fun photo shoots where I was able to make beautiful props… several magazine publications… an awesome hair workshop with Nadine Donovan with the girls at Bella Brides and a massive bootcamp with Sharon Blain… and an awesome scary avant garde hair comp… and….

I also turned 30…🙂 haha

so bring on 2016… the beginning of my magazine venture… so many weddings already booked in… I already have another feature film booked as well… I’ll be entering into another hair comp… and I have started brainstorming on some more photo shoot themes… so hoping to make some more epic head pieces and props! Lets see what else 2016 brings…








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Celebration of the Female Form Presents…..


Glory Box ‘Experience the Decades’ Fashion Show

Doors open 6.30pm
Show starts 730pm – 1030pm

Tickets for show $25 event includes entry to the Art Show (80 artists) and live performances including Burlesque, hula hoop & much more

Bar, Steamed who will be supplying Dumplings & The Curious Caravan supplying coffee & treats!

Dj D’Lux

Friday Night Show Performers:

Lena Marlene (MC)
Betty Love Cat
Casey Lee
Audacity May
Janey Clash

Tickets available on the website

Art imitates Life as they say….

I love coming up with concepts and ideas for photo shoots, it is fast becoming one of my favourite things. I love brainstorming with the others involved on how to make it our own, do what we do in order to make it speak about us… and the more I do, the happier I become. I love makeup, hair, spfx etc etc etc… yes… but I love the Art of it so much more.

I’m also finding the places I go to are always slightly dark, this speaks about me and my soul and creating art is a way of cleansing myself of past hurts, anxieties, mistakes. I’ll be 30 this year and over the past few years I feel I have done most of my growing up, most of my ‘finding myself’.. I wont say I wasted a lot of years not contributing to the world as that means I regret a whole chunk of my life, when I don’t… but now I feel as though I am making up for lost time so I am charging ahead full bore. ‘grabbing a bull by the balls’ as drew Barrymore’s character quoted in ‘never been kissed’…

Hindsight is giving me a glimpse of my inside.. my story… my past demons… what I see and what I want to see… relationship issues… self esteem issues… all come through in the work I let myself speak through. It is quite therapeutic.

I reminded my partner tonight that Van Gogh never made any money from his art… but do you think that stopped him from painting. It isn’t the point. This isn’t about money. It’s about leaving something behind in a moment. I do view what I do as art many times… I paint a person, I design a look, we choose clothes, backgrounds, poses, stories, feelings.. to capture a moment that hopefully says something.

I was lucky enough to see the Monet exhibition in Melbourne and the most memorable part of it was feeling and seeing the changes of his life through his art… you could see happiness and sadness, sickness…. and life through his work… yes its flowers but the emotion that went into each of those paintings speaks through the flowers, it speaks to how he felt at that moment he was touching brush to canvas. Much like a photograph capturing a moment.

Here’s to hopefully creating more of ‘my’ art and showing more of myself through it. Releasing past demons and becoming the me I was always meant to be.

Elizabeth X


Coming Soon…. Probably.

So… another feature done and dusted (except for the odd pick up shots coming up)… and I had so much fun on set of Lieutenant Jangles… it was hilarious and the people on set were such characters. 80’s cop comedy… with the best and worst cop ever.. just trying to fight the bad guys. yes. probably.

I can see the rating now… contains violence, drug use, hilarious sex scenes, sexist jokes, random one liners, and ALOT… not just occasional course language. gross. I love it! I cant wait for post production to begin and this project to be finished!



5 Day Hairstyling Bootcamp, Sharon Blain Education, Brisbane 2015

I have been wanting to do a Sharon Blain course since 2012 when another makeup student in my diploma course mentioned how amazing she was… so I looked her up. (I didn’t come from a hair and makeup background). I’d been following her online for a while and saw that a look and learn night was happening in brisbane and I jumped at the chance to check out her skills up close, and that night cemented the want and need to complete one of her intensive training courses.
For the last 5 days I’ve been able to be up close to her and her assistant stylist, Julie. From braids, to chignons to more avant garde styles, they taught us all the technical aspects and tips and tricks that they both use in all of their work. Her collections are amazing and the only limit to what you can do with hair is your imagination. She is an artist. and that’s what I feel I am… and hair and makeup my medium. I want to create amazing things like she has done in her career.
2015 marks the 50 year anniversary of Sharon Blain’s hair career… she is a god in the industry and i am so thrilled i had the opportunity to meet her. it showed me where my strengths were and where I needed some more practice (mostly some basics that hairdressers learn in their apprenticeships… hair drying techniques mostly… something I used to avoid because I had limited knowledge).
She isn’t just an amazing artist, she is a mentor, an idol.. she is so humble and appreciative and knowledgeable.. she WANTS us to know how she achieves her looks.. she isn’t secretive or selfish, she wants to pass on everything she has learned in 50 years (perhaps not everything as we only had 5 days!!!) that will help us to become better artists.
I have such a huge passion for this… creating, being an artist. I look forward to all of the ideas that will come into fruition and all of the awesome things I will be able to design and execute… and hopefully i’ll talk to her again one day.. or even better, she sees something I have done and knows that she had a huge part in it.
Thankyou Sharon.. you’re an inspiration.

and the 2014 emerge fashion award winners are…..

DESIGN: Alana Barnes- Fashion Design
ILLUSTRATION: Natasha Dearden -Tash Dearden The Label
FILM: Redscope
PHOTOGRAPHY: Allisa Hayden Photography
BLOGGING: William Buhl
STYLING: Glory box
HAIR + MUA: Elizabeth Crossley – Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist

10690289_988886464459685_642924618002390240_nThankyou so much to all of my supporters, clients and friends🙂 and to Emerge Australia

check them out at http://www.emergeaustralia.com  and  http://www.facebook.com/EmergeEventsAustralia


Emerge Australia Fashion Awards 2014


I’m entered into the Emerge Australia Fashion Awards for 2014… So far I have had so many friends, colleagues and clients vote for me and its been wonderful. I’ve worked really hard over the last 2 and a half years, mostly in the bridal and film industry and I am so excited for 2015… I aim to expand my business and really tackle everything full force. Its exciting🙂
Support me and vote for me🙂🙂


my year in a nutshell (no this is me in a nutshell… help i’m in a nutshell)

2014…. as it comes to a close (just over 5 weeks to go.. where the hell has this year gone?!?!?!)… I’d like to say thankyou for all the support everyone has given me and thankyou to everyone I have worked with. I have had a magical year full of weddings, formals, films, events and photo collaborations and it’s been awesome.

I travelled to Sydney to help the AMAZING Janet Hine Design for some AHL Gala events, i worked on PROJECT:ONE SHOT with Darwin Brook’s and some amazing film industry people (we broke a record!!), I was key makeup/hair on another feature length film called ‘Tomorrow’ about mental illness with an awesome cast and crew who I love to bits, and I had the pleasure to get to know and be involved in some wonderful people’s special days.. weddings, formals, events… I love sharing in their moments and seeing their smiles. This isn’t just about hair and makeup for me, it’s so much more. I love Art and creating…. but I also love helping people. I find so much pleasure in doing hair and makeup…to know I’ve been a part of helping someone to create magical moments… i’m a part of a much larger picture, I know, but i have been a part of that, and it’s so special. its soul feeding. As some of you may know I did go to uni to study psyche… it’s something I have always had a huge interest in and I always look at the world in a very psychological way… what I do, I feel, is such a psychological experience. People need to feel happy and comfortable, and as much as it can be viewed as quite a shallow industry in ways, I feel like what I do is so much more than what’s on the outside. Nothing makes me happier than to deliver what a client asks for, i’m there to connect with them, to build trust. I love repeat clients, as I know I have made an impact and they trust me. (thanks to my repeat clients!!! love you all). I love the thankyou I get when I do a great job, I love helping to bring a script to life through hair and makeup, i love being a part of a larger team that all comes together for one end goal. and i’m looking forward to my last few weddings of 2014, helping out on some more film work, a couple of xmas party hair and makeup’s and a few more photoshoots squished in there for fun….🙂

Next month will mark my 2 year anniversary of graduating from my Diploma course at the Academy of makeup in Brisbane, and I am marking that with doing a Sharon Blain hairstyling bootcamp with the goddess herself in January (can’t wait). I won’t ever stop learning, and hopefully next year i’ll be able to do another spfx course I’ve had my eye on in Sydney. I have grown so much since starting this journey, I am so much more confident in myself, I love meeting new people and connecting with them in varying ways, I love meeting a wide range of personalities, ideas, likes and dislikes, we are all very different and unique and it concretes the idea of being yourself. Who knew that doing hair and makeup for other people would help me so much with my own self esteem and confidence. I have also learned that my whole life i have filled with art, painting, building and creating has all come together and will hopefully mark 2015 as the time to up the anti… so stay tuned for some bigger and better things in my world (thankyou to my parents… for my dad for his technical eye, colour matching and painting skills, and my mother for her artistic and creative brain… for all her knowledge of history and everything really… you guys are pretty amazing)…

So thankyou to everyone I have met this year…. and here’s to 2015…. weddings I have already booked, films I will be working on, events I will be doing, courses i’ll be attending, people i’ll be meeting…. those I have seen again this year, and to those I will be working with soon… Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, merry Christmas, happy new year and all that jazz….

Love Elizabeth X